Scarlet Fingerpainting some Monoprints


Scarlet's Second 1st Birthday Party!

Scarlet had a second birthday party so her friend Mirren could make it. We had a fun time! Liz, Michael and Mirren, and Brandon and Melissa came to the party. We just talked and let the kids have a playdate. Mirren was really shy at first, since she's in the stage when any new people scare her, but she came out of her shell after a few minutes and the two girls had a blast playing together!

Mirren got a little upset when Scarlet found her "purse" :)

They loved playing with the wrapping paper!

Both Scarlet and Mirren got homemade Beetle Bugs after the party (from Jungle Junction, which was her first party theme)


Scarlet Getting Her "Shopping" On

Scarlet loved playing in "Pocket Park," the infant and pre-schooler area at Betty Brinn Children's Museum. Here she is walking along behind her vegetable cart!


Visiting the Children's Museum!

Today Scarlet and I visited the Betty Brinn Children's Museum in downtown Milwaukee. It's only about 4 miles from our house, and is across the street from the Milwaukee Art Museum and Discovery World. It was really fun! They have all kinds of exhibits for kids of all ages, including "Pocket Park" for infants and pre-schoolers. Scarlet had a blast!

Scarlet driving the bus in the "Home Town" exhibit--there's a post office, auto repair shop, bank, TV station, etc...; Scarlet "caving " in the Weebles Coast-to-Coast exhibit

Scarlet playing with the Vermont maple tree pictures in the Coast to Coast exhibit; playing with the water treatment plant in the "Home Town" exhibit

Playing in the "Germ Tunnel" in the Kohl's Healthy Kid's exhibit--you're supposed to only stand on the stepping stones and avoid the germ puddles; Scarlet in her fishing boat in the Coast to Coast exhibit

Log crawl in Pocket Park--serious concentration face.

Sending the fruit down the chute to the waiting fruit crates; surveying the fruit that was just brought back up in the "elevator" by some kids below

Afterward we took some pictures of downtown Milwaukee around the museum. We really love it here in Wisconsin. :) 

Outside of the Children's Museum

 Milwaukee Art Museum on Lake Michigan
(the roof/wings are closed because it was very windy today--it's so cool when they're open)

Discovery World on Lake Michigan