Birthday Celebration at El Beso!

There's a great Mexican restaurant here (but with not-so-great service...) and we went there for another birthday dinner. Seriously, the cake they give you makes up for the lackluster service. Mmmmm.

I want some water, too!

The red chocolate lips that came on Jeremy's birthday cake!


Scarlet's a Copy Cat!

Jeremy's Birthday!

We had a fun week for Jeremy's birthday! He took off President's Day (not a holiday recognized by the Medical College...weird) and Tuesday (since that day was his birthday), so we had a fun four day weekend. As I mentioned a couple of posts back, our car broke down and soaked up our free money this month, so it was pretty low-key. We mostly just hung around our favorite places around town, walked around malls and Best Buy, had ice cream and hamburgers at McDonald's, and went to Buffalo Wild Wings for his birthday dinner.

He got a Dremel and some accessories for his birthday and now he's dremeling anything he can get his hands on! Scarlet loved helping him open his presents--she has a real thing for pretty wrapping paper! (Or typing paper, or any paper.)

She's clearly excited to Dremel with her Daddy


Scarlet Loves Jazz Hands!


February Recap!

Scarlet, having a conversation with her giraffe and My Little Pony

Our car broke down at the first of the month. So now we're broke (down). :)

But we still had a low-key Valentine's Day. I whipped up a quick painting Valentine's morning for Jeremy and I had a card made a few weeks earlier from Tiny Prints, so that was all taken care of. Scarlet and I made Daddy a Valentine's Day card with crayons--she mostly just whacked the paper with the crayons to make her "drawing." And Jeremy got me three new paintbrushes and a cute Winnie the Pooh V-Day card.

Jeremy's V-Day Painting

I finished the paintings for the family room! They really add some color and life to the room--I love how they turned out. I'm still working on the big one for our office--48" x 48". That one is proving tricky so it's taking quite awhile. I'm going to be working on it a lot this week!

My new paintings in our family room, over the TV

Scarlet is getting closer and closer to crawling! She keeps getting in the stance and then decides she'd rather roll across the floor. Either she'll pick up crawling soon, or she's just be a roller until she walks. She LOVES to pull herself up to standing and just loves to stand in general. She hates to sit or lay down. I have a feeling that when she's walking, I'll be pretty worn out. :)


Flying Scarlet!

These pictures are just too great. I have to dedicate an entire blog entry to these pictures!


Scarlet Is Learning to Pull Herself to Standing!

She was completely fine after that spill--not even a little peep of a cry and she pulled herself back up again!


New painting!

I've finally gotten back into painting--I got a little burnt out running my Etsy shop and had to take a break. And it's easier to get some time to paint now that Scarlet is older and doesn't eat as often.

Here's the first one. This is actually an older painting that I've painted over a couple of times. I ended up not liking the last finished product because the paint reacted weirdly to the previous layer, so I figured I'd excavate the previous layers, add some stress to the canvas, and see what I came up with. I'm pretty happy with the finished product:

This next one is one that I'm working on right now for our living room. It'll be a four panel square painting. You can see the under paintings done on the four canvases, and I'll be adding the extra color to the floral elements on the other three that aren't done yet. Then I have some various mediums I'm applying to the paintings--iridescence in places, glass bead gel, etc...

And this next one is just a little snippet preview of what I'm also working on right now. This is going to be a big one: 48 x 48 (using two canvases). I'm really excited about this one! What you're seeing here is actually going to be painted over and started again. I was trying different techniques on different parts of the canvases as well as different types of paint to get the desired effect and finally found a clean, precise way to do this painting. I can't wait to get it finished!


Catching up!

It's been a while since I posted! Here's a rundown of what's happened in the last month:

Scarlet and I visited Grandma in Minnesota for her birthday! We spent 4 days in Minnesota and just hung out with Grandma. We visited Ikea, the Mall of America, and mom and I both got our hair done. She got a cut and color. I just got a cut! I'll post pictures once I finally take some. I cut it short (for me)--just slightly above my shoulders. Here's a picture that doesn't show it very well, but you can see my new bangs! (It's kind of dark because I took it on my iPhone in low light)

Scarlet was a dream baby on the trip to and from Minnesota! I just loaded her lap up with toys and she'd play with one and toss it aside once she got sick of it, then move onto the next. This would continue until she was ready for a nap and then we'd start all over again when she woke up. She cried maybe 30 minutes during the whole 14 hours of driving (round trip)!

Our Cobra broke down. Sad face. Jeremy was on the way to work and called me and said he needed a jump because the car died on the on-ramp. Obviously, the jump didn't work since the car died while it was driving, so the battery was not the likely culprit. So we had to wait for 1.5 hours on the on-ramp to the freeway for the tow truck to show up--luckily Scarlet slept the whole time! Whew! We towed it to a garage and we figured it was going to be either the fuel pump, which they said would cost $450 or the fuel filter, which they said would cost about $75.

Then we got the news. It was the fuel pump, the relay that goes with the fuel pump, and the fuel filter. Hooray...So we're $683.70 poorer today and we'll be eating a lot of cereal, ramen, and playing a lot of video and board games this month!

But this car bill spurred me to start couponing again so that we'll actually have food this month. I hit up Pick 'n Save early this morning after dropping Jeremy off at work and scored this:

I felt kind of like a rock star when my first transaction (1 milk, 6 boxes of cereal, and a box of breathe right strips) rang up at $5.21. And then I felt like a rock star squared when the second transaction (8 cans of Select Harvest soup, 6 yogurts, 1 milk, a dozen eggs, and 1 sour cream) rang up at $8.04. So, $13.25 for $59.13 worth of food. I sure get sick of cutting out coupons, but man does it pay off in a pinch! This shopping trip, combined with what's already in our fridge, freezer, and pantry, means that we can easily live off of what we have this month and not have to buy anymore.

And if we're really good this month, we won't have to postpone our trip to Utah (set for April) despite this car setback. :)