Jeremy is in New York!

Jeremy is in Cold Spring Harbor, NY (a few miles outside of NYC) for a bioinformatic conference this week. It's gorgeous there! He's sent me some pictures of where he's at:

The area around Cold Spring Harbor Labs--his view

Some DNA artwork on the grounds - I want this!

The beach, with Connecticut in the background

He and Brandon (his co-worker) also went out with a friend of ours that lives in NYC last night and they had a great time--her name is Deb. She bought Scarlet a new sleeper and gave it to Jeremy. It's really cute. He found some seashells and cool rocks and sea glass for me while he was at the beach today.

He had to make a poster for this conference about his new software program, GapMine. This is what it looks like (it'll be printed out at about 4' x 4' for the presentations tomorrow evening):

I'm so proud of him! That bottom "Conclusions" slide is about the only part that I can satisfactorily explain since I don't have a bioinformatics background, but the gist is that his program, GapMine is compared against UCSC's gap data and both are visually shown against the actual rat genome. The UCSC data identifies some of the gaps in the rat genome; Jeremy's GapMine identifies all of the gaps and lines up with the sequenced rat genome! His is the first software program written that is able to accurately identify all the DNA sequence gaps and the actual length of the gaps. (Jeremy, if I explained anything wrong, feel free to email me and set it straight and I'll fix it.)

So proud of him.