Happy 6 Month Birthday, Scarlet!

Scarlet turned 6 months old today!

To celebrate, she got shots. Yeah, not too much of a celebration. She got her Polio, Hep B, Influenza, MMR, and Pneumococcal shots at her 6 month appointment today. The doctor wants to see her again in one month because her head was measuring large, but we're pretty sure they measured it wrong. The nurse measured it on a diagonal, putting her at 73% all of the sudden. When we measure it around the largest part of the head, in a straight line around the head, she's exactly at the 50th percentile, which would be perfectly fine and in line with her past growth charts. So we're going off of our measurements so that we don't have to worry too much. We're sure she'll either measure normal next month, her body will catch up, or we're correct and the measurement taken at the doctor was off today. Her head looks perfectly in proportion to her body.

She weighs 13 lbs, 3 ounces and is 25" tall (2 ft., 1 inch). Petite little thing!

After the doctor, we went to McDonald's for breakfast, where she slept through Jeremy and I eating hot cakes. Then we dropped Jeremy off at work and Scarlet and I headed for Wal-Mart for baby formula and Draino (yay...) and then the grocery store to stock up on baby food supplies. By the time we were done she was awake again and fussy from the shots, so we came home and spent the day snuggling, putting warm compresses on her legs, and reading books and playing with toys.

Then tonight, we went to visit Santa!! I'm sure she was very excited inside and just didn't want to let on that she was bubbling over with enthusiasm at the prospect of seeing Santa. She asked for a Laugh and Learn Puppy and a Fill 'n' Spill Hippo. I'm pretty sure Santa will oblige.

In line to see Santa with Dad and Mom

We dubbed this the "Elf Disco Dance Room" because of the disco ball

Scarlet and Santa!


Making Homemade Baby Food!

When I was pregnant I didn't plan to make my own baby food because:

1) I thought it wouldn't really save any money
2) I don't really care about the whole "organic" thing

I still don't care about the whole organic thing and that's not going to change, but man, is it cheaper! So I've started making my own! It's so easy. And I actually enjoy it since I got my Cuisinart food processor and blender. I just cook until soft, puree, and put into ice cube trays to freeze!

Apples, Carrots, and Sweet Potatoes


The Wonder Snowsuit

So, when my guinea pigs are really nervous and/or angry about having their nails trimmed, I just wrap them in a towel like they're babies and they tend to quiet right down.

I've discovered this works for Scarlet, too. Only for her, I use her snowsuit instead of a towel. It's like magic. I'll probably be threatening her with a snowsuit when she's 16 and throwing a fit because I won't let her stay out all night. "You calm down or you're going in the snowsuit!" :)

Our 2011 Christmas Ornament

Every year we buy a new ornament for our tree with the year on it. We have everything from Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas dressed as Santa in his "sleigh" to a snowy owl standing on a 2008 made of ice. This year we got an ornament that reflects Scarlet and our new status as parents:

Today we all slept in until 12:30 p.m. Man, it felt good and it was very needed. I'm just glad that Scarlet cooperated! Then we got up and went to the mall to finish the last of our Christmas shopping. We found this completely unnecessary winter "decoration" (the bench that I run into that makes me say "Owww" is the bench I stand on to wash my face because our bathroom countertop is freakishly high and I'm not that high of a person) (if you're receiving this blog by email, click here to view the video):

Scarlet is feeling better after the rice cereal stop up problem. We switched her to oatmeal with some prunes stirred in and she's doing much better. She's a happy baby again! And she likes the taste of the oatmeal with prunes better than the plain ol' rice cereal.

And now, since she is reaching frantically for the keyboard, a word from Scarlet:

f wqsQ KVVVVVVVVVVVFV,M BVC34wass cc, v hmjx bg n xS NH LKz?

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


Just Some Pictures and a Video Today

Jeremy got a great video of Scarlet laughing while we were in Minnesota! (For those of you receiving this blog by email, click here to view the video.)

Now I need to get up to date with pictures, so here are some recent ones!

First experience with rice cereal


Decorating for Christmas

We decorated for Christmas as soon as we got back from Minnesota! It's our favorite time of the year! We had a great time putting up the Christmas tree, the Christmas village, and I got a few new decorations from Target (Their $1 section? Awesome.). I'm still planning on adding some lights to the windows on the side of our house, but Scarlet was feeling under the weather today (introduction to solid foods for the first time = constipation and a sad baby) so we mainly just cuddled today instead of finishing the decorations. Here's what we have so far!

Our front window; Our Christmas village; decorations in our office, including a new Mickey stocking for Scarlet and two mini "D" and "E" stockings for Darwin and Einstein

My Christmas centerpiece for the coffee table; our Nativity and poinsettia

The paper poinsettia wreath that my mom and I made last week, thanks to Martha Stewart


Thanksgiving in Minnesota

We went to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. We stayed 8 days and it was very relaxing and much needed. Of course, I forgot my anti-anxiety medication. So it's good that it was very relaxing instead of just plain old regular relaxing, because I made it through my accidental cold turkey-ment just fine. Scarlet tried pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving--she loved it! And she tried soda pop for the first time--leave it to Grandpa to corrupt the taste buds of all his grandkids! Right, Katherine? :) We got her first pop (root beer) experience on video. She loved it (for those of you receiving this by email, click HERE to view the video:)

We had a lot of fun. We mainly just relaxed. We played some games, watched a few movies, and just hung out together. The Browns (Chuck and Jill--Mike went to college with Chuck) came down for Thanksgiving with their son, Christopher. Jill has been so excited to meet Scarlet! The guinea pigs enjoyed the Browns' visit because Christopher liked to hold them so they got more attention that day than we would've been able to give them. And I gave them the apple peels from the apple pie--yum yum! They were in their small travel cage for the trip--it's 1/4 of the size of their house here at home. Poor guys. :( It only fits one hidey house so this is them sharing it when Kati (my dog in Minnesota) came to explore the cage for the first time. After this first encounter, they realized they were safe inside their cage and they'd just taunt Kati by prancing around while she whined at them.

Scarlet had her first playdate while we were in Minnesota! I got to visit my friend Nicole, and she has two daughters--Kael and Olive. Olive is 9 months old so she and Scarlet are definitely gonna be good friends. :)

Jeremy and my mom went shopping at the Mall of America while I was at Nicole's house. Jeremy said they have a new Microsoft store. Across the hall from the Apple store. And wouldn't you know, the design of the new Microsoft store is strangely similar to the design of the Apple store. ;)

Jeremy and I went on a date while we were there. We went to Whiskey River, where they have my absolute favorite Minnesota Wild Rice soup, and then we went and got a Butterfinger Blizzard at Dairy Queen. Mmmm. It was nice to get out, just the two of us, and not have to keep a baby entertained in between conversations. But of course, we both missed Scarlet pretty quickly so we headed back!

Here are a few pictures from our trip!

Scarlet, as Darth Vader; the catalog for ice cream cakes at Dairy Queen--notice "The Wedding's Off"--who gets a custom ice cream cake to announce that they broke their engagement?!; Scarlet in her new boots, hat, and mittens

Playing Crazy 8's with Grandma; Staring down her Sophie giraffe

Play date with Olive! Gotta get one of those Bumbo seats for Scarlet here at home. Notice her two different shirts. We had a spit up incident. And I think she's a little freaked out by Olive playing with her changing mat. :)

Hangin' with Grandma and Grandpa


Jeremy v. Sara: The Weight Loss Edition - Update 1

We didn't really get started until a couple of days ago on our weight loss competition (winner by Disneyland gets $50; minimum weight loss to win must be 10 lbs), so here's our first update.

This morning, Jeremy wakes me up with a kiss and says, "1 1/2 pounds. Boom."

Well, dearest husband, 2.7 pounds!

I'm so gonna win.

Tonight, Jeremy and I are going to see Breaking Dawn, the new Twilight movie. The actors are really terrible, but we've gotta see all the movies now that we've started it. Secretly (but not so secretly), I am excited. It's a fun story.

Tomorrow we leave for Minnesota. We'll be there for a week. I'm looking forward to a week without house work.

Other than that, there's no real news going on around here. I need to go and make some cookies to smuggle into the movie theater. ;)

Here's some pictures from the last week or so:

I kind of like this hat; Shopping for a new coat for Scarlet

Playing with Dad; Playing with Mom

The boys, waiting for a clean cage


The Boys' New Digs!

Same house, just Christmas-ified!

Today Scarlet and I went to Joann's to pick up some Christmas-themed fleece so they could have a festive house for the holiday season. They always get excited when they get new fleece--they popcorn (jump in the air in a spastic, happy way) all around the cage as they explore the new pattern.

Before we put them in their new digs, they got a bath. They dread that, but we need to give them one about once a month to keep Jeremy from being allergic to them. After their bath I always blow dry them on a low, warm setting. This is them being mad at me during the blow drying process:

After the bath, it was time for nail trimming. A bath and nail trimming all in the same night is a bit much, but it had to be done. Poor guys. I offered what I call a "Carrot of Peace" to make it easier for them.

Darwin chowing down on the Carrot of Peace--Einstein was finished with his and once again turning his back on me

Einstein ran and hid under Darwin when I accidentally trimmed one nail too short. He got extra cuddles tonight because of it:

Einstein hiding underneath Darwin

But there's nothing better than coming back to a new clean cage and being clean little guinea pigs!

Einstein, scoping out the fresh hay and checking out the Christmas trees underfoot

Running around checking out the change in environment


Happy Birthday To Me!

I had a great birthday with Jeremy, Scarlet, and my mom today. First off all, I had an awful nights sleep.

....Happy birthday to me.

Scarlet didn't get the whole "fall back" concept of daylight savings time. (Seriously--let's just get rid of that system. Arizona and Hawaii haven't fallen off the face of the United States and they don't have it. Follow suit.) So, after not being able to fall asleep until 3 a.m. pre-Daylight Savings Time time (as in, my phone turned from 1:59 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. while I was playing Solitaire in the dark in bed and just full-on confused me for almost a whole minute until I remembered DST and then I was up another hour), Scarlet woke up at 4:45 pre-Daylight Savings Time.

1 hour and 45 minutes after I fell asleep. Got back to bed around 6 a.m. pre-Daylight Savings Time. Then got up at 9:30 Daylight Savings Time (10:30 pre-Daylight Savings Time). So I slept...who knows. Daylight Savings Time math is ridiculous. Somewhere around 7 hours total probably, but when that 7 hours total is broken up into 1-3 hour intervals, that 7 hours is not the same 7 hours as 7 hours straight.

But after we all got up, my mom and I made some more grape jelly (this batch worked out). I'm keeping the last three jars of un-set grape jelly to use as grape syrup. I can mix it with powdered sugar or something to use as a glaze, I can use it as a syrup on ice cream or pancakes or mixed with club soda. The possibilities of the mistakenly made grape syrup are endless. It's nice to have both--I really do love my grape-flavored anything. And now that I know jelly is so easy and cheap to make, I really never need to buy it again. Next up: Apple Cinnamon Jelly! Yum. Great for Christmas presents for acquaintances and stuff, too.

Then Jeremy gave me three of my presents (the ones he bought in New York and a picture of the one that is still coming in the mail). The first was a Gonorrhea stuffed animal because I love the little virus and bacteria and medicinal dudes that you find at science stores and at the Medical College where he works. He said he picked the cutest one he could find. I've gotta admit, the little Gonorrhea dude is pretty endearing. Glad it's just a stuffed animal, though!

Scarlet got me a ladybug necklace. It's so cute! We're going to add the ladybug charm to the charm necklace I bought at Anthropologie yesterday!

And she loved playing with the matching ladybug box after I took the necklace out.

Jeremy also got me a large Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree print! I haven't decided whether to put it in Scarlet's room or my room. I do love my Winnie the Pooh. After we made the grape jelly and I got these presents, my mom left to go back home to Minnesota.

Later this evening I got my other presents from Jeremy that he got using all my "Happy Birthday from (insert store here)!" store gifts. Ann Taylor Loft, Express, Victoria's Secret. He got me a gorgeous scarf from Ann Taylor Loft (in metallic silver), two pairs of earrings from Express, and a take-along purse eyeshadow and eyeliner from Victoria's Secret (if you haven't tried their make-up, do it!) Then he made me ham and cheese quesadillas for dinner--they were tasty. And we're having Cinnabons for dessert. We also had Milwaukee Cupcake Company cupcakes for our birthday party last night. We've decided it's time to give up on the Milwaukee Cupcake Company. They're nice people, but their cakes are too dense, the cake flavors are too subtle, and their frosting is too sweet. "You say it's raspberry white chocolate, but all I taste is sugar on top of a hearty cake that tastes a lot like bread..." Cupcakes are supposed to be fun and fantastic and frilly and fluffy. Not dense and crumbly. I'll just have to hold out for The Sweet Tooth Fairy when we go back to Utah--or perfect my own cupcakes, which is probably what I'll do. I'll let you know how it goes.

Since Harry Potter is not going to be sold in stores anymore (the movies) after December 29th, I pre-ordered the blu-ray set of all seven years this evening (the set comes out on November 11th). Woohoo! Happy birthday to me!

Also, I got a $5 check yesterday from Advantage Research here in Wisconsin for participating in the Wisconsin Department of Transportation travel study for a day. I logged in and told them where I drove for one assigned day (no where, but Jeremy went to work). So I got $5. Adding that to the fund! Saved so far: $1121.74.

Here's some other pictures from this weekend! Have a great Monday everyone!

Me and Scarlet, modeling her new Hello Kitty sunglasses; Scarlet with her new pal, Sheckey the Frog

One of Scarlet's many faces; Scarlet and Daddy playing

Birthday cupcakes from Milwaukee Cupcake Company--my mom kind of forgot she had them on her lap so they all smashed into each other; Grandma and Scarlet

Me, Scarlet, and Sheckey the Frog

Also, here's a gratuitous video of Scarlet (if you can't see it because you're receiving this by email, click HERE):