For Valentine's Day...

Jeremy knows I'm a Winnie-the-Pooh nut. I love the original books. I read them over and over again, and my favorite shop at Disneyland is Pooh Corner. I'm an Eeyore collector--love everything Eeyore. So, appropriately, here are my Valentine's gifts. :)

Love them.


My New Dog

Maisy the Flying Dachshund! We can't have dogs at our apartment, so I settled for a new doormat with a dog on it. I'll take it for now. I'm quite fond of Maisy.


I'm on Craftomania!

I got an e-mail this morning from Craftomania. I've never really paid attention to it or looked into it, actually, because I tend to get overwhelmed by too many "Etsy" tools and marketing "necessities," but I've gotta say, the Craftomania toolbar, which my ArtsAfire blog is now featured on (!!), is really handy. It has all the sites I regularly visit for social media, links to Etsy, links to YouTube, and now, a link to my blog for the whole world to click on. Which makes it easy to visit it myself, not-so-coincidentally.

Check out the Craftomania toolbar at http://craftomania.ourtoolbar.com. It's pretty awesome.


When we get bored, we remodel.

I mean, we remodel to the best of our abilities in a rental property. We can't paint or change fixtures, but we can rearrange, buy new textiles, and buy new furniture.

So this month we got bored and realized it was time for a remodel. We can do it for around $2,000 if we hit the sales right (and we hit the sales so right this time it's hard to imagine--a $1500 rug for $299--that's how hard we hit the sales) and it's way cheaper than adding $600 a month onto our rent (we're locked in a pre-economic meltdown price that we're not willing to loosen our grasp on). So here it is!

I already posted about the studio yesterday, so this is a repeat picture, but allow me to draw attention to the rug. That's the rug!! It's 8' x 11', over 100 lbs (I cannot move the thing), and it's so plush that you can't help but stand on it barefoot. Love it.

Our bedroom. We got this four poster bed with a new latex mattress last year, but I don't think I've blogged about it. It's our dream bed and the mattress is like sleeping on a cloud.

Our bathroom. Not much we can do here because it's a rental apartment, but we got the new over-the-toilet organizer from Ikea this past weekend and it's been a dream come true. It alleviates way more under-the-sink space than you'd think by looking at it. Plus, it's so pretty with those bottles (also from Ikea) and, believe it or not, my Victoria's Secret laundry detergent. I really like that bottle. And yes, we have a Mickey Mouse shower curtain (with a matching bathmat, but that's in the laundry).

And oh, how I love my new living room. Our couch has proven to be not-so-sturdy, so when we saw this solid construction, like-butter-leather loveseat this weekend for 50% off at Bassett Furniture, we had to jump on it (literally--it's sturdy). We gave our old couch to Jeremy's sister, who will be moving out of her mom's house soon, so she'll have a couch for the move.

Another living room view.

And my husband's new baby--the new home theater. PS3 (my portion of the purchase--I don't know how we got by without it) and a whole set of surround sound speakers. We now spend most of our time in the living room enjoying 5.1 surround sound and playing video games.

And if you follow my blog, you've seen the kitchen, but here it is again to round out the full apartment tour. I still love my kitchen. But I think it's time for a change on the walls--still formulating that plan in my head.