First ACEO sale for Art By Jay!

There really isn't that much going on this weekend besides going to see Terminator and eating at Chipotle with our friends tonight, so I'm re-posting from my ArtsAfire blog. I really don't know why I keep this blog...I do all my personal and business blogging over there.

Moving on.

My grandpa sold his first ACEO print today! I'm ridiculously excited! It's been a good month on Etsy! Hopefully that will carry on through the art show I'm representing him at on June 13th!

The original of this painting has already been sold, but the ACEO will still be available (no larger prints, though). ACEOs at Art By Jay on Etsy are all only $7!

Buying ACEOs are a great way to become an art collector, and since they're the size of a trading card they can be kept in a binder together, or they can be framed museum style with a large mat around them!

Trust me, you need some ACEOs in your life!

And don't forget, my shop, ArtsAfire, is having a Memorial Day sale this weekend! 10% off of everything in the store, plus an extra discount code for Facebook fans! So, are you a fan?? Click here if you want to be!

And definitely don't forget to visit my Grandpa's Facebook page! Special discounts and giveaways will be available for fans there, too!

Now, off to eat good tacos and watch Christian Bale who I have a mad crush on because he's played Bruce Wayne. Jeremy knows this. He's fine with it.


New Custom Paintings!

I just finished my custom paintings last night and delivered them today. Whew. The custom tree painting was much more work than I thought it was going to be (she asked for a sunset sky with blues, purples, reds, and oranges) and so I ended up completely undercharging for it because I thought I could charge the same as I charged for "Spring Branch" painting and it wouldn't take any longer. It was exactly the same size, same configuration, just a different sky. BUT a much more labor intensive process. But you live and you learn!

Here's the finished product!

I also sold a custom color of the Pure Color Mix & Match series. She had previously purchased purple, red, and green and wanted a teal/turquoise one. So I sold her one similar to the one I currently have for sale for the general public.

It's much more "teal" in person. Gotta work on capturing that color better. Some just don't like to cooperate with the camera or with Photoshop.

Now that my custom paintings are done I can get back to work on my new ideas! And working on learning a new medium: Encaustic!

I just received my "Hot Mess" Encaustic tutorial and sample paints from Jamie Ribisi and I can't wait to try it out! I just need to buy an electric griddle, some tuna (for the cans so I can melt the paint in them on the griddle, not for painting with because otherwise that'd be one fishy smelling painting), some natural bristle brushes, and a heat gun! I can't wait to get started!