We Did It

We went to admire the bed on the 24th like I said we might. Turns out that they were having a huge sale. 25% off and $250 in free gas. And we were talking to our "design consultant" (I want to be a design consultant) about the Tempurpedic mattress we want to get with it. He asked us what we liked about it because he hears customers talking about them all the time and wanted to know how they compared to their mattresses (Carrington Chase--made by Sealy for Bassett).

So we went and laid down on their middle grade mattress. Wow. It's like the perfect cross between Tempurpedic (supportive) and Intelligel (fluffy). It's a completely latex foam mattress. It's like heaven. And cheaper than the Tempurpedic brand of heaven. And it has none of the sleeping-on-the-edge-of-a-cliff feeling that the Intelligel bed has.

So we bought both. We're excited. Here's a picture again:

And the perfect bedding that we found to go with it:

Yay for Crate and Barrel.

We've already started transforming the office into a guest room, leaving just one desk. It's gonna be great.

Item of the Day:

Jeremy bought these for me when I was out of town once. Love them.