My Thoughts Exactly

Anyone else not particularly liking any of the 19,000 Presidential candidates this year, let alone the main two, McCain and Obama?

Read Glenn Beck's latest commentary: Still looking for a candidate I can support

I agree with pretty much everything, and especially the Ben Affleck comment.

Item of the Day:

Seriously? Cream of shrimp?


Funny Conversation Yesterday

Recruiter: Hi! We have a great graphic design job that we think you'd be perfect for!

Me: I've never done graphic design, so I don't think I'd be qualified.

R: Well, you really only need to know Photoshop and InDesign and since you do, you're qualified.

M: Oh, okay. That sounds good.

R: The pay range would be in the mid-'teens, so it's pretty good!

M: ....Let me get this straight. You're looking for a college educated person to fill a job that after taxes would put them below the poverty level?

R: ...

M: ...That would be a huge pay cut for me, and I currently work at a student job, so that's saying something. I'm gonna have to say no to this one. I like being able to pay my bills.

R: That's fine! Do you know of anyone else that would be interested?


Hmm...let's see. Do I know anyone willing to work full time, who is college educated, who would also like to have a night and weekend job at the same time so they can continue to not be homeless?

No. Don't know anyone like that. Sorry!

We have got to get out of Utah.

Item of the Day:

Because every diet needs a little wiggle room.


New Blog (for Sara)

It's a weight loss blog. If I'm held accountable in a public forum, I'll do much better. I hope. If I get a job soon, I will be rewarding myself with 1) a massage because we're still sleeping on our awful bed and we hurt and 2) a personal trainer, so there will definitely be progress (and pain) to report.

This was inspired by Jen Lancaster and her book Such a Pretty Fat. I highly recommend it.

I will, of course, continue to write here about Jeremy and I.

Item of the Day:

Dry shampoo--The best friend of second-day hair


We Did It

We went to admire the bed on the 24th like I said we might. Turns out that they were having a huge sale. 25% off and $250 in free gas. And we were talking to our "design consultant" (I want to be a design consultant) about the Tempurpedic mattress we want to get with it. He asked us what we liked about it because he hears customers talking about them all the time and wanted to know how they compared to their mattresses (Carrington Chase--made by Sealy for Bassett).

So we went and laid down on their middle grade mattress. Wow. It's like the perfect cross between Tempurpedic (supportive) and Intelligel (fluffy). It's a completely latex foam mattress. It's like heaven. And cheaper than the Tempurpedic brand of heaven. And it has none of the sleeping-on-the-edge-of-a-cliff feeling that the Intelligel bed has.

So we bought both. We're excited. Here's a picture again:

And the perfect bedding that we found to go with it:

Yay for Crate and Barrel.

We've already started transforming the office into a guest room, leaving just one desk. It's gonna be great.

Item of the Day:

Jeremy bought these for me when I was out of town once. Love them.


The Hammock Bed

I had my third interview today with the business consulting company for the Writer/Marketing Assistant position. It went better than any interview I've ever had. Hopefully he felt the same way and will offer me the job.

We went to Express today because we had a coupon and there was a huge sale and Jeremy needed pants. I bought shirts. I'm having buyer's remorse. Most are going back tomorrow.

I've got to lose weight. The fish and the fruit and the veggies are starting to take over my diet tomorrow. And I'm going to be more diligent about going to the gym. I've been slacking off.

On to the "title" of this entry. Jeremy and I have the day off tomorrow. State holiday. We don't really have any plans besides maybe filling out some of the supplemental applications (and signing more checks...) for all the dental schools. We'll probably go and admire the bed that we've both fallen in love with and are debating the purchase of.
That bed with a Tempurpedic Rhapsody mattress to go with our wonderful Tempurpedic pillows. Dream sleep. Our mattress has suddenly turned into a hammock on one side and a mountain on the other. We're really contemplating that bed and that mattress. ASAP. We haven't slept through the night in a long time. We both roll to the middle of the bed and it takes a lot of work to get and stay out of the middle. And when you're sleeping, you don't like to work that hard.

Item of the Day:

We also love this cocktail table.



Received job offer from "Hahaha" company and wow. Still laughing. I think my mom is still laughing, too. The company is that funny and the offer was that ridiculous. I'd be taking a pay cut if I took that job. There's no way I could pay back my student loans.

Item of the Day:

Because if I accepted that job offer, I'd never be able to afford one of these. And because I saw a fantastic Prada clutch in Prada in NYC and haven't been able to stop thinking about it since but cannot find a picture of it but still, would never pay $1000 for a clutch that could hold nothing more than a credit card and a slim lipstick. And this full-sized leather purse--same price as the plastic clutch...still crazy expensive, but really, think about that.



I had three interviews today. One in the morning, one at noon (fiasco...) and one at three for the same company that I interviewed with in the morning.

On to the "fiasco." This was the big interview that I was very excited about because I really want this job. It was a phone interview. Last night I had a nightmare that my phone stopped working. I thought, "Surely, that won't happen. That's never happened." So I go somewhere where I have 5 full bars of reception and I wait. And wait. And wait. 11:45 to 1:15. No calls. I called the headquarters in California to see what was going on but the lady that I usually talk to was in a meeting so I couldn't really get any info. My phone was on, it had a full battery, it had full reception and it was less than a foot away from me.

My phone called me at 3 p.m. I picked up and it said, "You have new voicemail." All the voicemails were from the period between 11:45 and 1:15...the phone NEVER rang. I was freaking out because I thought, "They're going to think I'm a flake and I'll never get this job." So I called back and he was out to lunch and so I went to my second interview (...Hahaha! That's really all that can describe that company. I mean, wow. Train wreck waiting to happen.) and then called back after that. They don't think I'm a flake. They, unlike me, realize that I have no control over the Sprint network and I had my interview then. They called me back within the hour and I have my third interview on Wednesday morning! I am praying so hard for this job. It would be fantastic! Huge growth potential! Wish me luck.

Item of the Day:

I'm on a diet...


Job Interview

I sent my resume to Partners in Leadership for a marketing position yesterday. Within two hours I was accepting the task of taking two scary tests on Word 2007 (2007? Never used it. 2004 and 2008, got it. But 2007? Not even remotely similar to 2004 and 2008.) and Excel 2003 (once again, I have 2004, but it's very similar). Took those tests last night and after some muttering and some swearing at my computer under my breath figured that I had definitely failed the Excel one (I haven't used it in 3 years) and excelled at the Word one (Google--it was all questions like, "Where can the tab command be found?" Ummm...on the keyboard. But you had to give the menu path--not possible if you don't have 2007, but Google averted that crisis). Turns out I did "very well" and I have a phone interview scheduled with the Marketing Manager on Monday at noon.

I knew nothing about this company, only that they were willing to pay me a lot of money, give me great benefits and still consider it an entry-level position. But after researching the company--I'm loving it. It's a company that helps companies become more market savvy and efficient by providing them with tools that will help them become more successful on their own. This is a HUGE company. Nationwide and in 57 other countries. This is definitely a fantastic opportunity and I am preparing like mad for this interview. I am going to be able to ask them questions about their business that actually sound educated and well-informed beyond the usual interview questions such as, "Could you tell me about your company and what my duties would be?" I am prepared to ask them about their specific products. I'm even learning the appropriate marketing vocabulary this weekend to make it look like I studied marketing along with public relations at BYU when really, it was all PR for me. Can you tell that I want this job? It just sounds so interesting and there would obviously be great growth potential within this company. Plus, it's pretty much the only opportunity that I've run across that remotely interests me down here in Utah County. The rest are in Salt Lake. Long commutes.

There are a few in Salt Lake that I would absolutely love, too, like the Museum PR position for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts. It's kind of the best of both worlds for me. I studied Art History and PR at BYU. That'd be great. The hiring manager for that job is currently out of town and has been since I applied. He'll be back next week so I can call and ask for an interview. Also, the associate producer for EA games. Love games.

I've worked 16 hours today. I'm still at work. I'm backing up all of our un-backed-up files. I thought I was exaggerating when I said, "It could probably take up to 6 hours." Seven hours later...yeah, not going to get that finished tonight. Brad and Braden have taken massive amounts of pictures lately. But I'm going home at midnight. I need sleep. See the last post for the reason why I really need sleep tonight. I didn't sleep well last night, either. I was worried about those tests (apparently, I didn't need to be) and for some reason I had tons of potential drawings running through my head. Weird. But their ingrained in my mind for later execution.

Item of the Day:

There are my favorite bowls. I have them in white and every shade of blue.


I suck at life today

I slept for two hours last night. Hence the title of this entry. I need a nap.

Today has gone by quickly but I couldn't really tell you why because I couldn't really tell you what happened today. I know I applied for 5 jobs. An art director position, a publicist position, a buyer position (eh...not excited about THAT one, don't know why I did that), and 2 marketing positions. And I applied to be an Associate Producer last night for EA games. Basically, that would be a dream job. I have all the requirements needed including the "Video Game Enthusiast" requirement (X-box, X-box 360, wii, DS Lite, Playstation--we've got it covered from Viva Pinata to Half-Life 2 to Super Paper Mario). I'm contemplating applying for the art director position at EA games because it's been available forever so either no one is applying or everyone who has applied is not qualified. But I'm also not fully qualified. I've got all the qualifications besides, "Previously released successful games." On the Associate Producer application they ask you to list three jobs that you would be interested in and I included Art Director as my second one (concept artist as my third, but because I suck at life today I can't draw ANYTHING today, even hair, so discouraged about that but I figure I'll be back on my game tomorrow). Anyway. Still mulling over that decision. But if I don't apply, I'll never know, right?

Jeremy and I have tickets to see The Dark Knight on Friday. We've been waiting for that movie for over a year. The real test of its greatness will be whether or not I like it more than Wall-E because really, Wall-E is in my top three movies of all time. Love it. I know it's at least in Jeremy's top ten.

I still have a headache. Yay.

Item(s) of the Day:

Could not choose.


Bowling, Migraines and Job Hunting

We went bowling last night for Jeremy's sister's birthday. I sucked, but I beat Jeremy in one of the games. 94 to 93. Typical for me, not typical for him. So I got lucky. I'm much better now that I have my own ball and my own shoes. (It was the only way Jeremy could get me to go bowling without complaining about the disgusting used shoes and balls that have sharp finger holes that never fit my hand.) But still. I wouldn't win any prizes.

All day long yesterday I was wishing for a day off. Last night I got a migraine at 1 a.m. It's now 10:50 p.m. I've still got it. I got my day off but it wasn't the day off that I was hoping for. In my "day off" plans, I had planned to be able to at least move my head. Not an option today. I've been in the same position all day long. It provided me with ample time to job hunt though. What fun!

Monster.com, Careerbuilder.com and the Utah job boards--all useless. I do not want to be a part-time sales person for Maurices clothing store, I do not want to be a janitor, I do not want to be a receptionist and I have no IT training. That is all I have found on those boards over the last few days. Occasionally I will find a gem like the Public Relations Specialist for the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (now if the hiring director would get back from his vacation...) or the Art Director for EA Games (just applied for that tonight, BUT, I found that at ea.com, not on a job board).

Utah has nothing. It's a great place if you're a technical person, but if you're an artist or a designer or an art historian like me, Utah is useless. It has ONE major art museum and I have applied there as I mentioned above, but not in the capacity that I'm trained for. There aren't even any hubs for major nationwide companies here in utah. Not even Disney and really, Disney is EVERYWHERE which implies that Utah is apparently invisible since it can't even attract Disney.

I've been trying to wrack my brain for websites to look for job listings on. Or websites for specific companies that even have "career" links. Any help on this front would be greatly appreciated. My skills include:

- Art
- Art History
- Writing
- Public Relations (I was an intern, I have experience)
- Marketing
- Administrative assisting (would like to avoid this, though--it's a last resort)
- Photoshop, InDesign and other Adobe Products (for photo editing and layouts)
- Microsoft products
- Writing (it's all I've done for the last 6 years of my life)
- Editing (once again, 6 years)
- Event Planning
- Interior Design/Decorating
- Managing (my current position, Studio/Library Manager)

And really, I swear I can learn anything I need to. I am very capable. So anything even remotely related to any of those skill sets that anyone knows about, let me know. I'm applying for everything I see.

Jeremy keeps assuring me that I'll find something and not to worry. But I still worry. Even though I know how capable I am, other people might not (even though I have worked on my resume to the point that it nearly glows and I always accompany it with a cover letter).


Item of the Day:

Love them. Yes, they're very yellow, but I could find a way to work that easily.


Apparently the "e-mail" feature for my blog just sends you my blog instead of saying, "Hey, if you want, it's there."

Sorry about that. E-mail feature is being removed.

Latest Design Project

I just finished a concept board for my mother's kitchen. I think it turned out well. The camera makes the colors look brighter than they actually are, though, so these photos won't give you a feel for the actual tone of blue that will be on the walls. It's more dusty on my renderings than it looks in the photos. Digital photography is not my strong suit.

This board shows the floor plan, the materials (black granite countertop, tile floor, tile backsplash, paint and fabric) and a 3D view of the room.

This board shows the elevations of all four walls.

The materials

I could go on and on about the drawbacks of digital photography, but really, they're evident from the above photos. If I had a $1200 camera like we do at work, I would have nothing against digital photography. Digital photography at work is great. As it is, I have a 7.1 megapixel camera and it just does not provide the quality that a film camera does and constantly bothers me. Also, I need better overhead lighting, but it's an apartment...

The last project I did was a condo.

I'm going to work on another condo now, specifically one that I found in a magazine in New York City. It gives the floor plan and it looks like it will be a lot of fun to design. Plus, I need a couple more projects for my portfolio--easier to get a job that way.


Starting a Blog for Us


This will be the place to keep up on the activities of both of us. Jeremy, of course, will never write because he doesn't do the whole social-internet thing. (After reading this, he sarcastically thanked me but still admitted that I was right.) I will write for both of us.

For those of you who are new to us, we've been married for two years. I just graduated with a degree in Art History so since I am an art historian, I am currently working as a secretary. I'm looking for jobs, though, because I get the boot from mine at the end of August--something about not being a student anymore and therefore ineligible for student employment. I'm looking for interior design, art, museum or public relations jobs. I just found one that is a public relations specialist for a museum. Ka-ching. Best of both worlds. Cross your fingers for me, everyone.

Jeremy has one year left of school before we leave for dental school. I'm applying for graduate school at every school that he applied to for dental school. I decided to go to grad school for a few reasons.
1) I'm bored.
2) You can't work in a museum in any capacity above "janitor" without a Masters degree.
3) I figure it will make me more useful.
My dream is painting conservation. Preferably for the Museum of Metropolitan Art. (Dream big, Sara.) But in order to really accomplish that goal, we'll both have to be accepted to NYU since it is the only school that also has a dental school that offers a conservation program. There are, let's see....about 4 schools total that offer a conservation program. Yup. Between the U.S. and Canada. Four. Not a big field.

Plan B: Museum Studies.

Plan C: Art Law. Which would mean law school, not grad school. Still contemplating that.

And, because I am the proprietor of this blog and it's doubtful that Jeremy will care, I am now going to do a very Sara sort of thing.

Favorite Item of the Day: